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When Salman Khan Said His Body Is Like A Diesel Engine And Anand Mahindra Gave A Hilarious Reply

Salman Khan, one of the forever reigning Khans of Bollywood has swoon girls of all ages for more than 3 decades now. With his recent success with “Tiger Zinda Hai”, he has yet used his charm to get the followers smitten by his dramatic and larger-than-life screen presence.

Be it his eccentric personality, his fit and tough body, or his turquoise stone bracelet, his uniqueness has always captured the hearts of Bollywood lovers.

Sure we all know how Salman ahs kept his fitness regime a top priority and it shows in the way he does not shy away from showing off his hot bod even at debatable age! In fact, for this movie, he looked so tough and flexible playing the character of a RAW agent with such vitality that it is impossible to believe that the Dabbang star recently celebrated his 52nd birthday.

According to sources, when the filmmaker was asked about Salman’s fitness he said:

“At the age of 50 to do all this within six to eight months takes a lot of hard work. Even when he was not working on sets he had to train for four hours. This is phenomenal for an actor enjoying such stardom.”

When Salman was asked for his reaction to this comment, he replied to a daily newspaper saying,

“My body is like a diesel engine, ek baar garam ho gaya toh chalta rahega.” “(My body is like a diesel engine, once it gets hot it keeps going on).”

To this, he further added a few of his hardship but seems like it does not really matter anyway. he concluded:

“I can’t do handstands, or put my body upside down. But, apart from that, I can easily pull off quick movements, like forward and back somersault, or floor rolls.”

This daredevil comments caught attention of none other than the Chairman of the Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra.


He is one businessman who is pretty active on Twitter. He reacted to this particular comment by saying:

“Well in that case, Cheetah (XUV) Zinda Hai…”

Check out the Tweet here:

By Cheetah, Anand Mahindra pointed at the Mahindra XUV 500 SUV. It is usually promoted as the fastest SUV and compared to the smoothness in speed with that of the cheetah.

Anand Mahindra surely received instant reactions from the Twitterati.

User Harris Puttu wrote: “Mahinda has Also humour Nice dude”

ItIsChineseVirus replied: “XUV5OO is the Best from Mahindra.”

While Andy advised: “use his body in your XUV instead of diesel engine.Rename it Killer Xuv”

Advertisement or not, Anand Mahindra is a smart businessman. he not only appreciated Salman Khan but also made the Mahindra XUV 500 the talk of Twitter for some time.

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