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When Johnny Sins Asked Indians To Translate His Videos And Bhuvan Bam Gave A Hilarious Reply

People across the globe try their luck in Bollywood as it is one of the biggest entertainment industries. Bollywood stars gain immense success, wealth and popularity being part of it.

Coming from the adult industry, Sunny Leone is doing pretty well in Bollywood films and she is the first who entered in B – town. Now it seems another popular name from the adult industry, Johnny Sins is also searching a way to be part of the Bollywood Industry, though there is no confirmation as of yet.

Johnny Sins are the American movie star who is renowned among the audience all over the world for his kind of films. Many characters played by the adult movie star in his numerous appearances including a doctor, cop, patient, teacher, etc. He has awarded several times for his performance in the adult film industry like AVN Award for Male Performer of the Year twice. Johnny Sins is one of the names which is among popular adult searches.

However, the 41 years old YouTuber is now searching for an Indian translator for his YouTube videos. Johnny Tweeted about this to his Indian followers and shared his e-mail id for the person whi is willing to apply on his offer and will translate his YouTube videos. Though the tweet was removed later.

In his tweet, Johnny Sins wrote, “Attention followers from India!! Looking for someone to translate our YouTube videos. Please email me [email protected]

This tweet of Johnny got the attention of the famous Indian YouTuber Bhuvan Bam who quickly responded and wrote, “Would love to translate! But don’t get us paid. Get us laid”

Bhuvan Bam further asked Johnny what is the translation of ““Oh Yes-Yeah baby”?”

He wrote, “‘Oh yeah-Yes baby’ ka kya translation karna hai bhai? ‘Haanji? Arey wah?’”

On an interesting note, Johnny Sins has also started to follow the Indian filmmakers like Mahesh Bhatt.

On the Twitter platform, some even asked Johnny that is he has any plan to enter the Bollywood industry in future? He replied that he would love to work there.

 Info and image source: rvcj.com

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