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E-Rickshaw Driver Came Up With A Brilliant Social Distance Idea And Anand Mahindra Loved It

Chairman of Mumbai based conglomerate, Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra leaves no stones unturned to appreciate every inventiveness that he sees around. It does not matter where it comes from but if it is innovative enough Mr. Mahindra does his share of applauding for the creator.

This week, he shared a post on his Twitter account a short video of an e-rickshaw that runs on battery.

It was further modified into compartments by the rickshaw puller or the owner in terms of the seating space. This was done so that there is a distance maintained between the passengers taking rides on his vehicles. He made it keeping in mind the latest protocol of social distancing due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Anand Mahindra posted the video on his account and captioned it:

 “The capabilities of our people to rapidly innovate and adapt to new circumstances never ceases to amaze me.”

In the video, we can see an e-rickshaw which has been divided into compartments of four tiny stalls with enough space for the passengers to sit. What’s more, the driver’s seat is strictly divided by using a harder partition so that no passenger can come in contact with the driver.

The partitions were made from very regular scratch materials and seem to have served the purpose in a big way. This arrangement is definitely worthy of appreciation.

This intelligent way to maintain the safety protocol caught his attention so much that the Mahindra Group Chief made it a point to also tag the Executive Director of Mahindra & Mahindra’s Auto and Farm Sectors, Rajesh Jejurikar on this post and wrote:

“We need to get him as an advisor to our R&D & product development teams!”

His way of appreciating the idea received attention from his followers.

One person wrote, Jaisi samasya waisa samadhan.”


While another wrote to appreciate his swift decision making.

“Sir, this country needs more people like you who take decisions immediately.”

Another confused fan asked him to rather give the rickshaw driver a job in his R&D department.

“Sir are you serious or making fun of his innovation. If you really can give him a job in your R n D society will truly appreciate you sir.”

While another wrote in favor of rural India.

“Sir There r so many talented people like this in the society If u will go to rural India u will find so many innovations like this, they just need proper guidance and support”

Another user appreciated his effort to encourage innovation in people. He wrote:

“Sir I am very much impressed on your encouragement as how you treat people who act in innovatively. My big salute to you always sit..thanks”

Anand Mahindra has surely won the hearts through this post!



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