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Chelsea Handler Tried To Insult Indians On Her Show But Priyanka Chopra Gave A Fitting Reply

In recent years, Priyanka Chopra made it a religious habit of blasting out phenomenal answers to anyone who took it upon oneself to flout this actress or even challenge her in any way possible. Spanning from divisive fans to illustrious celebrities, Priyanka came out with flying colours every single time, even if that had a bit of taint imprinted on it.

While scouring across her videos, we stumbled upon one where she made it to the famous talk show of Chelsea Handler. After producing impressive episodes at the Ellen DeGeneres show, it was quite characteristic of her to put up another sizzling confluence of words and wit, also clarifying the misconceptions of Chelsea.

With the interview going at a smooth pace, Chelsea asked Priyanka that when the Indian actress first visited The United States of America, did she know English.

This is a common misconception which majority of Hollywood has, that Indians trail in one of the world’s most predominant language. However, Priyanka Chopra took less than a few seconds to clarify her doubts.

You will be able to catch the entire video here: :



Despite it coming at a cost of a mathematical howler, it still sounded a copious figure for the Chelsea Lately host to comprehend.

Priyanka stated that 10 per cent of Indians can speak absolutely fluent English which makes up 1.3 million people, which is way more than other nations.

However, this is where she slipped with the calculative part as the figure which she wanted to quote was 130 million and not the meagre 1.3 which she referred to. However, it goes without saying that this would have blown the American comedian’s mind had the correct figure popped out.

However, with the benign relationship she shares with other professionals in the industry, she once again came out her characteristic plaudits of the American comedian where she cited, “You are so much fun @chelseashow. Thank you for having me. Can’t wait for you to experience India…you’re going to love it. Big hug!”

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