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Bollywood Stars React To The Untimely Demise Of Irrfan Khan

Actor Irrfan Khan, who was battling a neuroendocrine tumor, ended his battle on Wednesday, March 29, 2020. He was admitted to Mumbai’s Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital. He was 54 as per records.

The day before, he was moved to the ICU ward. A statement issued on behalf of Irrfan by his spokesperson. It said: “Yes it is true that Irrfan khan is admitted to ICU at Kokilaben in Mumbai because of a colon infection. We would keep everyone updated. He is under doctor’s observation. His strength and courage have helped him battle and fight so far and we are sure with his tremendous willpower and prayers of all his well-wishers, he will recover soon.”

While the same day, another news was making rounds that Irrfan was kept on a ventilator. “It’s really disappointing to know that there are extreme assumptions being made about Irrfan’s health. While we are truly appreciative that people are concerned, it’s disheartening to see some sources spread extreme rumors and creating panic. Irrfan is a strong person and is still fighting the battle. We really request you to not fall for rumors and not partake in these conversations which are fictional. We have always actively clarified and shared updates on his health and we will continue doing so,” the spokesperson further added to the statement.

Looking back, on March 5, 2018, the actor had revealed the news to the world himself.

The Tweet read: “Sometimes you wake up with a jolt with life shaking you up. The last fifteen days, my life has been a suspense story. Little had I known that my search for rare stories would make me find a rare disease. I have never given up and have always fought for my choices and always will. My family and friends are with me and we are working it out the best way possible. In trying times, please don’t speculate as I will myself share with you my story within a week – ten days, when the further investigations come with a conclusive diagnosis. Till then, wish the best for me.”

Much to the confirmation which was yet to follow, finally on March 16, 2018, the actor opened up on social media confirming the complex condition of him getting diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor.

He confirmed: “Life is under no obligation to give us what we expect: Margaret Mitchell. The unexpected makes us grow, which is what the past few days have been about. Learning that I have been diagnosed with NeuroEndocrine Tumour as of now has now has admittedly been difficult, but the love and strength of those around me and that I found within me has brought me to a place of hope. The journey of this is taking me out of the country, and I request everyone to continue sending their wishes. As for the rumours that were floated NEURO is not always about the brain and googling is the easiest way to do research 🙂 To those who waited for my words, I hope to be back with more stories to tell.”

He had flown down to London immediately to get the best medical attention. Since then much was unheard of his condition, till news of his improvements were aired and he started shooting for the sequel “Angrezi Medium” to the hit movie “Hindi Medium”. He shuffled between London and Rajasthan for the movie shoots during that time.

Meanwhile, he had confirmed his comeback by tweeting: “Maybe, somewhere in the pursuit of winning, we forget how much it means to be loved. In our vulnerability, we are reminded. As I leave my footprints onto these steps of my life, I want to pause to be grateful for receiving your immense love and support, it soothed me in my process of healing. So I travel back to you, thanking you from the bottom of my heart.”

During the time of the promotions of the movie, his health took a backseat and the condition relapsed. Before the movie was released he released a tear-jerking now but a sweet message then for his fans.


He recorded in Hindi and said,  “Hello, brothers and sisters. I am with you and not with you. This film, Angrezi Medium, is very special to me. I truly wanted to promote this film as passionately as we made it, but there are some ‘unwanted guests’ in my body and they’re keeping me busy. I’ll keep you informed on that front. There’s a saying, ‘when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.’ It feels good to hear, but when life really hands you lemons, making lemons is really difficult,”

He then said, “One doesn’t have any other choice but to remain positive. Whether you are able to make lemonade in such situations is entirely up to you. We’ve made this film with the same sort of positivity. I hope this film is able to make you laugh and cry in equal measure.”

He concluded: “Enjoy the trailer, and be kind to each other, and enjoy the film. And yes, wait for me.”

Just a few days ago he lost his mother, Saeda Begum on March 25. Amidst lockdown and his worsened health, he was confined to video calls as he attended her funeral.

A lot of celebs and important people all across the industry have extended their shock and condolences on Twitter.

“We have lost one of the most versatile actors in the history of Hindi Film Industry. Irfan Khan was an actor par excellence. We will remember Khan Sahab for his glittering smile and outstanding performances on the screen. Om Shanti”

“Such a sad sad news of Actor Irfan Khan passing away! Such a talented man taken away so early! May his soul be at peace”

“I remember that one scene in namesake at the airport where he looks at Tabu and his eyes say goodbye That is how I will remember you Rest in peace Irfan Khan”

“My dear friend Irfaan. You fought and fought and fought. I will always be proud of you.. we shall meet again.. condolences to Sutapa and Babil.. you too fought, Sutapa you gave everything possible in this fight. Peace and Om shanti. Irfaan Khan salute.”

“Irrfan Khan.. Bande mein dum tha, on and off screen.. RIP..”

“Irrfan sir, you were the nicest, coolest guy. Every interaction with you was so memorable. The world has lost the most talented actor, the nicest human being and a real fighter!! All my love and strength to the family”

“#IrrfanKhan was truly a one of a kind actor and the magic he brought to the screen will be sorely missed. RIP.”

“Deeply saddened to know about #IrrfanKhan demise..an actor beyond brilliant. My deepest condolences to his family, friends n all colleagues from the film industry as well.. U will always be deeply missed dearest Maqbool RIP”

“In grief on reading of the passing of #IrrfanKhan. So much energy, so much intensity taken away so soon. My heartfelt condolences to Sutapa and the children. His work lives forever.”

“Very sad to hear about Irrfan Khan . May his work always be remembered and his soul rest in peace”

“प्रथा,हासिल जैसी शुरुआती फ़िल्मों से आजतक भारतीय सिनेमा के प्रातिभ ग्लोबल अभिनेता,मेरे दोस्त इरफ़ान का यूँ जाना तोड़ गया “रहने को सदा दहर में आता नहीं कोई, तुम जैसे गए ऐसे भी जाता नहीं कोई ! इक बार तो ख़ुद मौत भी घबरा गई होगी, यूँ मौत को सीने से लगाता नहीं कोई..!”

A real gem of the Indian cinema left us. Irrfan had been a part of major movies in the industry. His wit and smooth acting style will forever stay in our hearts. may his soul rest in peace.


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