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A Troll Told Kavita Kaushik To ‘F @ff’ And The Actress Gave A Shutting Reply

Kavita Kaushik made news once again as she steals the social media limelight yet again. On the recent rant that the Ranaut sisters, Kangana, and Rangoli had been doing, it seems like both of them have completely lost their minds. Now let’s see how these two things are related.

It all started with the Twitter banter by one of its users.

He had tweeted, “#KanganaRanaut Two sisters are united in thinking India is their grandfather’s property. Rangoli wants 2024 elections to be cancelled. Kangana wants a ban on twitter.” 

This was agreed by the FIR star, Kavita Kaushik.

Kavita is always seen to be a free-spirited person who is quite active on social media. Be it Twitter or Instagram she is seen being transparent about her personal and professional life. Her sense of sarcasm and whip-smart wit surely wins the hearts of her followers. Also at times for her bold attitude and personality, she has been trolled and made fun of by people who are not exactly her fans.

Earlier she has been a target for trollers and Netizens when she had posted a picture on Instagram showing off her superfit bikini body and another time for doing some yoga positions.

Coming back to the latest rant, Kavita agreed with the user and commented, “I have gushing emotions of love, respect , empathy and more for @iHrithik”

This did not go down well with few of Kangana’s fans as they started to criticize her by bad-mouthing her directly on the social media platform.

One user replied, “I was your huge fan after FIR….I was watching repeat telecast….but now no more…. where is you and where is Kangana just to be in limelight you dragging shits now @KanganaTeam Kangana is true gem “

But one such reply really caught Kavita’s attention and she had the best comeback.

This user tried to be abusive and said, “Kawita u TV Star has lost Ur mind, u think u r big star , Fack Person from Fack Industry u have supporting Farah Khan, why ,why there are so many incident happinf in our country muslim are trying to kill our doctors What u have to say about Palghar case. Say something ,Fuck off”

Ok, that really sounded funny!

Kavita had the funniest way to smack down this man with an accurate reply.

She said, “Errr , shall I FACK off or say something? Pehle decide kar lo na uncle , Big star toh aap hai hum kahaan ,it’s not a Facktual thing like the cock that you are going Fack fack fack fackkkkoff”

Of course, she received a lot of hate on this too but this reply should be appreciated.

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