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A Man Asked Taapsee Pannu For A Romantic Date And She Replied In Her Trademark Style

Taapsee Pannu is one of the most versatile actors in Bollywood at the moment. However, besides her brilliant acting skills, the actress makes a lot of headlines for her ‘befitting replies’ to trolls and to her fans as well.

Every other day, Taapsee Pannu is trending on social media because of her mouth-shutting replies to trolls, who try to pull her down for one thing or the other. If not giving a [email protected] is an art, than Taapsee Pannu is the Picasso of it. Though the actress is known for her funny replies, but some time back, a few of her replies showed her level of frustration and agony.

Well, it all started when a fan took to his twitter and asked Taapsee Pannu for a date. The fan wrote: Can we go on a date @taapsee ?? tomorrow i hv no office #highhopes, lol 😝

Here, check out the tweet:

Taapsee was quick to take notice of the tweet and come up with a reply to the fan. However, in her reply, she took a sarcastic jibe at a section of people. She wrote:

“Sorry that is not allowed in my religion. Can’t date before marriage. Take permission from the religious army before u even THINK of such a thing Coz apparently there is a check on that too 🤐

Here, check out the reply of Taapsee Pannu:

Well, this tweet of Taapsee Pannu clearly reflects her level of agony that she is going through after a few scenes from her movie Manmarziyaan. Back then the actress had even shared a hard-hitting post for the censor board, where she talked about how her religion didn’t teach her to censor her feelings. She wrote:

My religion never taught me to censor someone’s feelings. I don’t know who gave these bunch of self proclaimed religion saviours the authority to decide what a woman can think and what not. Did u ? And if not will u stay quiet when they tell u what to think n what not ! I won’t !”

Here, check out the post:

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