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A Fan Tucked Her Finger Inside Hrithik Roshan’s Underwear And The Actor Gave A Hilarious Reply

Hrithik Roshan is one of the tempting male actors in the Bollywood show business for years now. The actor sure does know as a Greek god for a reason. The brawny man is on top of the chart for any female’s desire list without any second thought. The actor’s fit appearances to his skilled performances, everything is just on the rock. Though Hrithik had his share of disputes regarding the actress Kangana Ranaut, which finally turned into a legal battle in B-town.

The hunk of Bollywood has a huge female fan base across the world. Despite being the father of two lovely kids, his charm did not fade a little to his female fans who are very fervent of him and adore him extremely. This Bollywood heartthrob does know very well how to take care of his female fans as well.

Very recently, a female fan of the ‘Bang Bang’ actor shared a post with some images on the micro-blogging site Twitter which she took in Madame Tussauds Museum with the wax statue of Hrithik Roshan.  With the post, the fan wrote, “You need to tell @MadameTussauds London to update it! Regardless it was fun posing with you 😉😏😘 @iHrithik”

The fun part about the images the user name Tania shared is the way she is pointing out her finger towards the underpants of the actor. This amusing part of this image has also caught the attention of the actor himself. Hrithik also responded the female fan with a witty tweet, he wrote, “U took a peek didn’t u. naughty girl! Love u https://twitter.com/techietania/status/714541796278288385 …”

That must be a nice surprise for the fangirl anyway and The Greek God of Bollywood surely does know how to react to adorable and sweet fans.

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