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A Fan Called Vaani Kapoor ‘Manly And Malnourished’ And The Actress Gave A Mouth-Shutting Reply

Being an actress isn’t an easy thing as you are always under the scanner of media and fans, who never leave any opportunity to troll you for one thing or the other. From their hairstyle to their outfit, people leave no opportunity to troll them, as they expect actresses to be perfect all the time. However, they often forget that actresses are humans too.

Bollywood actress Vaani Kapoor, who was last seen in action thriller ‘War’ is one of the beautiful divas of Bollywood. From performing the role of a ‘girl next door’ to a fun and glamorous diva, Iver the years, the actress has gained a huge fan following with her gorgeous looks and amazing acting skills.

The actress is also very active on her social media where she enjoys a huge fan following. She keeps her fans updated about her professional and personal front by sharing pictures and videos of herself.

Some time ago the actress took to her social media and shared a stunning ‘mirror-selfie’ of herself, where she was seen wearing a blue sports bra and yoga pants. Sharing the picture, Vaani wrote:

Here, check out her picture:

The picture was soon flooded with amazing reactions to it. While fans complimented her for her looks, a user called her ‘manly‘.

However, the actress decided to give it back to him by calling him an ‘attention seeker’. She wrote: “@sha3ank I hope you’re aware your nothing but an attention seeker .. but there is still time , don’t go all hopeless on yourself, you still can get necessary help,”

The Instagram user then trolled the actress over her English by explaining her the correct use of ‘Your’ and ‘You’re’. The user wrote: “@_vaanikapoor_ well you’re the one posting 2-3 pictures every other day so we all know who the attention seeker is. Btw, there’s difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’. Didn’t they teach you this in your fancy lad school?”

Before blocking the troll, Vaani Kapoor shut him down one and for all. She wrote: “@sha3ank ummm YOUR grammar is worse than YOUR attitude ! PS Let me save both of us the trouble by blocking you. You can’t see me and I don’t have to go through your irrelevant comments. K byeeee,”

Her, check out the comments:

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